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Admission 2024-25

Research Workshops


S.No. Name of the Event Resource Person Date No. of Participants Reports
1 MATLAB-Signal and Image Processing Toolbox (Phase-II) Dr. R. Sudhakar,
Prof & Head / ECE
23.09.2023 38 View
2 Role of Research and Innovation in Undergraduate Engineering Programme Dr.S.Ramakrishnan,
Dean R & I
19.09.2023 152 View
3 Knowledge Sharing Session On Computational Mathematics Mr. T. Muthukumar,
Assistant Professor / S & H - Mathematics
16.09.2023 12 View
4 Work Process of Patent Mr. Ramesh Kannan P,
Registered Patent Agent, Lawyer, and Founding Partner

Mr. Venkatesh Viswanath,
Registered Patent Agent, Registered Trade Marks Agent, and Founding Partner, QUADRIGA, The Intellectual Property Experts, Chennai

22.08.2023 22 View
5 Navigating Research Opportunities for Success -Knowledge Sharing Session Dr. R. Santhanam,
Senior Scientist, Defence R&D Organisation (DRDO), Hyderabad Ministry of India, Government of India,
22.08.2023 30 View
6 Work Process of Patent Mr. D.Saravanan,
Chairman, 3M-IPR Associates, Chennai.
25.07.2023 33 View
Role of Innovation in Building the Nation & Mr.V.Palaniswamy,
Deputy Controller of Patents & Designs, Government of India, Chennai
24.07.2023 55
Introduction to Patenting System in India
Design IPR and Copyrights: Trends and Innovations Mr. Sarkar,
Joint Controller, Patent Office, Kolkata.
24.07.2023 55
7 Securing Research Funding: An Essential Skill for University Professors Dr. R. Gowtham,
Head, Research Amrita School of Computing, Coimbatore
04.07.2023 53 View
8 Basics of MATLAB - Hands-on Training Dr.R.Sudhakar
Prof & Head/ECE, MCET.
23.06.2023 09 View
9 Jargons in Research Dr. T. Ramkumar,
AP(SG)/Mech, MCET.
16.06.2023 53 View
10 KAPILA (2023 -24) Scheme Orientation Meeting - Online Session Dr. K. Elangovan,
Assistant Innovation Director, MoE’s Innovation Cell, India
13.06.2023 23 View
11 MATLAB-Signal and Image Processing Toolbox Dr. R. Sudhakar, 
10.06.2023 21 View
12 Research Incentive Awards Function Dr. Umarani,
Director, CFR, Anna University, Chennai.
09.06.2023 147 View
13 Mathematical Computation using MATLAB Dr. S. Muthukumar, 
Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore.
29.05.2023 & 30.05.2023 21 View
14 Going through peer review, Creating & managing author profile Dr. N. Natarajan, 
Associate Professor / CIVIL, MCET.
20.05.2023 93 View
15 Proposal Writing for Grants Dr. S. Parveen, 
Woman Scientist, MCET.
13.05.2023 90 View
16 Art of Publishing-Journal Paper Dr. S. Ramakrishnan, 
Dean R&I, MCET.
29.04.2023 89 View
17 Intellectual Property Rights Dr. S. P. Subramaniyan,
Deputy Controller of Patents & Designs, Chennai.
12.04.2023 91 View
18 The Art of Writing Research Articles Dr. Sathyaraj Venkatesan, Professor/English, NIT, Trichy. 03.04.2023 80 View
19 Patent drafting Workshop Dr. P. Sathiyamurthi,
Assistant Professor (SG)/IT, MCET.
01.12.2022  to 14.12.2022 33 View