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Academic Research

Research statistics:

MCET boasts a vibrant research program fueled by experienced faculty, strong partnerships, and a dedication to impactful solutions.

Key Highlights:

  • 142 Ph. D Scholars: Guiding students across diverse engineering fields.
  • 1808 publications: Sharing knowledge and shaping research landscapes.
  • 99 funded projects: Partnering with organizations to advance research.
  • 264 consultancy projects: Applying expertise to solve industry challenges.
  • 31 in-house R&D projects: Fostering internal innovation and discovery.
  • 20 Centers of Excellence: Dedicating resources for in-depth exploration.
  • 162 IPR: Translating research into tangible inventions for society.

Beyond Numbers:

  • Diverse research areas: Addressing a wide range of societal needs.
  • Global collaborations: Broadening perspectives and impact.
  • Active student involvement: Shaping the next generation of innovators.

Academic Research

Research Paper Publications: