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Disability Resource Centre

Disability Resource Centre (DRC)


The vision of the Office of “Disability Resource Centre” is to create a barrier free environment and provide special pedagogical approaches that will cater all categories of disability among the students


The mission of the Office of “Disability Resource Centre” is to serve as a resource to campus units by facilitating compliance awareness and promoting an inclusive community through diversity, education, and outreach initiatives

Constitution of the Office of the Centre

Member – Secretary
Assistant Professor (SS)/EEE

Assistant Professor (SS)/IT

Dr.N.Suba Rani
Assistant Professor (SG) /CSE

Assistant Professor /English

Facilities available at the institute
  • Book bank available for all courses
  • Regular meetings with instructors and mentors to ensure support.
  • Sufficient period for completion of exercises
  • Course Material uploaded in website
  • Yoga/meditation centre
  • Use of Audio facility in labs
  • Elevators/Lifts available at prominent places
  • Wheel Chairs for easy movement
  • Extra time for completion of tasks assigned.
  • Accessibility to common facilities canteen, toilets etc., by providing slopes at required places.

RAMP facility in A Block

RAMP facility in C Block

LIFT facility in A Block (West Side)

WHEEL CHAIR facility

LIFT facility in A Block (East Side)

LIFT facility in C Block