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Examination Reforms

Controller of Examinations

Examination Reforms implemented during the last 6 Years :

Office of Controller of Examinations has taken several initiatives to ensure fair and transparent End Semester Examination.

All precautions are being taken to minimize any error during Question Paper-setting, External Review, printing of question paper, conduct of examination, collection of answer books, dummy number allotment, central valuation and posting of marks on the answer books, award lists, result processing, declaration and Issue of statements of grades, various certificates including the degree certificates. High level of confidentiality is maintained during the entire examination process.

The Institution has initiated following Examination Related Reforms:
  • Implementation of 100% Automation of Examination Management System (EMS) at MCET.
  • All examination processes including pre-exam processes and post examination processes (such as result processing, publication and secure generation of grade sheets) are completely automated.
  • Central Valuation Centre for Valuation of Answer Books at MCET Campus.
  • Integration of IT in all examination processes.
  • The application server, the database server and the backup server reside at the MCET. The users of the system can avail the services by connecting to the servers at MCET through the e-Governance portal provided for this purpose.
  • Moderation of Answer Books after completion of Evaluation Process by Result Passing Board members for final approval.
  • Results are published online, available to view online through Institution Website.
  • Availability of examination schedule and results on Institution Website.
  • Issue of Hall ticket with photograph and printed examination schedule with seat number and hall number.
  • Same day selection (among multiple sets of question paper) and approval for opening of question paper by the COE.
  • Institution provide printed internal assessment format as per the internal assessment criteria to ensure fair continuous internal assessments.
  • Revaluation facility is available for students to eliminate any error in evaluation and result processing.
  • Various reforms at administrative level to ensure speedy processing of examination steps, complaints, correspondence, issue of various certificates.
  • Strict vigilance and penal measures are taken to curb of Lapses and Malpractices in theory and practical examinations.
  • Addition of security features i.e. Water mark, invisible logo, hologram etc. in statement of marks / grade and consolidated grade sheet.
  • Online courses registration process for every semester.
  • Online Examination fee payment through institution we portal.
  • Seating arrangement for internal assessment and End semester Examinations through Mobile Application.
  • Publishing the Results through Mobile Application in addition with Web based.
  • System based Random Dummy no. Generation for End semester Answer scripts.
  • Evaluation pattern for practical courses were modified and implemented.
  • Evaluation pattern for Professional skill courses and One Credit Courses were modified and done during the end of the semester.
  • Industrial Experts are involved in Course Development and Handling of Courses.
  • Introduced External Agency for conducting online end semester examination for all courses.
  • Bloom’s Model of Examination Reforms are introduced, which resulting into a major component of examination system.
  • Fool Proof Security system are adopted by using CCTV Cameras and other electronic gadgets to rule out the chances of Question Paper Leakage.
  • Quality Improvement Program (QIP) of UGC and AICTE is implemented for improvisation in Current Examination System as part Reform exercise.
  • CBCS system of UGC is fully adopted as recommended by the UGC for Examination Reforms, with or without certain modification, wherever required.
  • The Papers in controller’s office are monitored with CCTV, access to room is biometrically monitored and electronic gadgets are banned inside the strong Room.
  • Uniform System for evaluation of answer scripts and review of question papers are followed.
  • Grievance handling and its Redressal mechanism is developed and Re-evaluation system is introduced selectively by the universities of State and Central Governments.
  • Examination invigilation squad is appointed at the university level by making provisions in the university ordinances.
  • Division of Examination workflow is introduced in three parts: Pre-Examination, During Examination and Post Examination.
  • In addition to this, few examination reforms are carried out by TLC Division: