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TNEA Code-2706

Admission 2024-25


Centre for Innovation, Business Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIBIE)

“Transforming Idea into Business Venture”


  • Aligning with the Government of India’s Make in India and Start-up India policies, the campus recognizes the dire need for increasing the employment creators as opposed to seekers. With this objective CIBIE was established in the year 2015. CIBIE helps to instill the confidence in students that their raw idea could be validated and translated into a commercially successful model.
  • A questionnaire administered across the college helps to discover the career aspirations of the students, whether they wish to go for employment or become an entrepreneur. The latter is given a focused orientation through series of awareness programs.
  • Create platforms to showcase their ideas through idea pitching contest, select the best among the lot and put them through boot camps to validate their concept. Provide necessary support to gestate the prototype and deliver a commercially viable product.
  • Generate opportunities to network with SMEs to fine tune the working model and to demonstrate the project to potential investors and increase the chance of being funded for scaling up.
  • Conduct hackathons to select students to enroll into Protosem, as six month course on innovation and entrepreneurship in the final semester.


Dr. D.Nathan