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MCET – Swelect Centre for Solar PV Training and Research

Dr Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology has established MCET – SWELECT Centre for Solar PV Training and Research in collaboration with SWELECT Energy Systems Limited, Chennai. This centre was inaugurated on 20.07.2017. Its focus is to develop skilled manpower and research in solar PV technology to cater to the need of current solar industry.

SWELECT is a leading Power Electronics and Renewable Energy company with a strong presence in the Global Energy market for over 30 years. Swelect manufactures and supplies the Solar PV Modules, Solar Charge Controller, Solar Inverter, Energy Efficient Lighting, PV Power Plant, PC Stand Alone Systems etc. SWELECT has been accredited by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE).

The MNRE Government of India sponsors the “Suryamitra” Skill Development Programme of the National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE) and the “Vayumitra” Skill Development Programme (VSDP) of the National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE). Both of these programmes were run by MCET in collaboration with State Nodal Agencies. In additional, we also conduct Value Added Courses, Skill Development training Programme on Solar.

Energy Audit & Power Quality Audit Services

We are offering Energy Audit, Power Quality Audit , Thermography  and Safety Audit services to Industries, Educational Institutes, and Resorts since 2017. Our audit team comprises BEE certified Energy auditor and Power quality experts. We have completed around 75 audits in all over India.


-> 10.12 kWp Solar Power Generating System

-> 40.32 kWp Solar Power Generating System

-> 8.5 kWp Solar Powered Pumpset

-> 3.5 kWp Solar PV for Laboratory Purpose

-> 3 kW, 10kW and 1 kW Inverters

-> Chroma 62100H 600S DC Power source

-> Solar Irradiation  Sensor Meter (PV200)

-> Flir T420bx Thermal Imaging Camera

-> Fluke Power Quality and Energy Analyser

->  Power circuit Analyzer CT70