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ISA-MCET Activities


ISA – MCET chapter established with the support from the management during the academic year 2012-2013. ISA-MCET is a professional society run by MCET and supported by ISA which is head quartered in United States of America. This section focuses on providing a platform to the students to learn and acquire skills in the field of automation. This section also encourages the students to organize and participate in the technical events conducted by the colleges belonging to the ISA-South India Section.

The ISA-MCET is a technical forum where the students are able to enrich their knowledge in Instrumentation, Automation etc. The students are taken to field trips to various industries once in a month which enables to know the real time applications of the curriculum. Students also have the facility to attend the webinars in the laboratories.

The section is headed by Ms.M.Deeparani (AP (SS)/EIE)

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